Biggest Live Event of 2020 about crypto currency news
Blockchain Life 2020 is the only industry event of the year to take place in a traditional live format. For 4 years in a row, the forum has gathered more than 4000 participants in the blockchain capitals of the planet (Singapore, Moscow), confirming its status as one of the most important and attended events in the world.

A platform for professionals and beginners
The forum brings together industry leaders and those who are just starting to be interested in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For 4 years, the forum has become the main educational platform for a huge number of participants, a place for concluding thousands of contracts that have influenced the global development of the industry.

Concern for the safety of participants
This year, special attention has been paid to protecting the health safety of forum participants. Read more about the protective preventive measures that we use to prevent coronavirus at the forum site.

Meet the heads of international companies in the industry and establish effective partnerships. All the insights about the trends of 2020-2021 and new ways of making money will be heard from the stage, in the exposition and on the sidelines.
Find out how to make money by investing free money in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Get to know already working blockchain solutions, be among the first to introduce blockchain into your business in your industry, and increase your income.
Learn about all stages of creating and promoting a project, attract the attention of investors and funds by submitting your project as part of a startup competition. Find out how to quickly place a token on the world's largest crypto exchanges and correctly manage the value of a token.
Get acquainted with the most promising projects in the industry in the exhibition area and within the framework of the startup competition, find out the most relevant information about projects that can "shoot" and bring high ROI in 2020-2021.
Find out all the ways to efficiently mine in 2020-2021. Get tips from international mining giants and private miners, get acquainted with the latest equipment and new services right at the exhibition.
Explore current solutions of colleagues in the field and find customers for blockchain development. Thousands of forum members are in need of blockchain development, and personal acquaintance will play a significant role in choosing a contractor.
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